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I'm in awe of Creativity

Ever since I was a little boy, I have always been blown away with the creative process, despite not intellectually understanding it. I vividly remember being completely fascinated with merging two things to create a new something. 

The only childhood drawing I still have, merging imaginary characters in a family tree.

The only childhood drawing I still have, merging imaginary characters in a family tree.

My curious little mind saw the world as a giant playground with never ending opportunities for fun and discovery, and when the world got boring, I could always turn my eyes inward and explore the vast universe that existed inside my imagination. 

As I got older, I delved deeper into the implications of creativity, and how astonishingly beautiful it can be. The ability to think of an idea, and manifest it into reality, is something that is almost godlike. I say almost, because the difference is that we have to put the grind into building our creations, and sometimes it hurts, as a busy father of three, finding time to create can prove difficult, and there seems to always be more pressing issues to adhere to (I've still not painted the hallway). Perhaps, you could find associations of this concept with the miracle of childbirth, to create something new requires sacrifice and pain. However, the result of your toils, gives you, me and the greater universe a small gift, that inches humankind forward in our continual journey of evolution. As a father with a 5-day old baby girl, watching my wife go through so much pain, to create so much beauty, offered me bucketloads of inspiration. I don't mean to sound overly deep, but it allowed me to briefly peek into the metaphysical machines of creation, the phenomena which dictates everything with its unseen cogs and gears.

I have come to the realization that to create, is the defining attribute that separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom, and like the gods and ideologies that we worship, this power can wield beauty and prosperity, or horror and destruction. Nevertheless, we all hold this power in our hands, and it's our responsibility to make sure we aim it towards good, whatever good means, I understand it's a bit complicated.

I'm not a scientist, nor consider myself especially spiritual. I don't need to fully understand why I'm awe of creativity. Everything I love and despise was created by someone or something, all I can do is learn to respect the process of creation and enjoy the ride it creates, and along the way, create a few little things of my own.

Words and Illustration by Louis Honca

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Dress It Up

Every day we become a different version of ourselves. We are different from the day before, yet we remain fluid in this transition, and can put our costume on depending on the situation.

As individuals we encompass so many roles, and with each role comes a new list of responsibilities, expectations, and individual traits. Often we can forget who we are and become lost in the tunnels of the internal empire which we create.

We can become so many things to so many different people that we lose who we want to be. Our identity becomes tinged with confusion, and the lines begin to blur.

A lioness with a beak or a fish with claws… often we hinder our strengths by forever envying and comparing ourselves to others. We inevitably often fail and then simply fall back into the cycle of self doom and negativity.

Sometimes we just need to strip the masks and face life head on with simple naked emotion. Show each other whom we are and become the definition which we seek.

Real. Uncomplicated. Alive.

Words by Emma Honca

Illustration by Louis Honca

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Never allow your fear to become your suicide

Life is not meant to be easy, nor is it meant to be simple, our complex minds could not deal with the minimal stimulation of complete predictability. Life does need a healthy balance, and requires a healthy parallel of positivity to every negative angle.

As individuals, sometimes it’s easy to ride with our stabilisers on, to always walk accompanied, and to only jump when we have a safety net. Often it feels safer to walk the clearest paths, and to avoid the undergrowth. The safest path often seems like the better choice, and following the signs minimises pain, disappointment, and failure.

We remain creatures of habit and with that habit, comes death. Death of a dream. Death of our individual identity and hope.

What is the alternative? Our fear of the unknown screams loudly in the dark, and keeps us frozen to our rigid spot. Our metaphoric safe haven.

How can we comprehend and consider a different option If we continue to allow our fear to have an audience? Like a school bully, we empower it to grow and become stronger, as we watch ourselves shrink and shrivel deeper into our unhealthy beliefs. We watch ourselves die, leaving a shell of regret, disappointment, and that awful question of ‘What if?’

Sometimes that little step, that tiny risk, that glimmer of life, can ignite the small flame within us and all of a sudden, everything changes. Hope is reborn. We can start to believe again. We can live.

We are simply a reflection of our thoughts, defined by our emotions and become our own hero’s through our actions.

We simply need to be who we are. No restraints.

Words by Emma Honca

Illustration by Louis Honca

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Emotional Investment or Negative Transaction?

How much do we invest in things and people and how much do we see in our returns?

When we pay for goods with our money, we expect to see material evidence of this transaction or indeed a memorable experience to file away. But what if we made a transaction and checked our account to see a big fat zero?
I’m sure many of us would be seeking clarification and feeling rather cheated.

Yet, we invest in everything in life to varied degrees and we don’t always receive the booty.

How many times have you emotionally invested and been left with a big bag of nothing and perceived injustice?
But we continue to do this.


Emotional investment is indeed a gamble. We automatically invest in our families and reap the benefits from support mechanisms and security but what about when we invest in friendship and relationships?

What do we do if the cheque continues to bounce??

Do we feel justified in seeking clarification and interest on our emotional transaction? Is it a weakness or a strength to expect a credit statement? To expect to see our emotional interest rates increasing?

Personally I seek this from my significant other. I expect my balance to remain in credit and I believe that this theory works both ways. I do expect a return in friendships and to see a mutual healthy transaction taking place. We attend our jobs and expect a salary in return. We invest our time in our passions and reap the positive emotions. We gain knowledge and gain personal achievement and development. So are we allowing ourselves to be ‘ripped off’?


Self-awareness and integrity is an important part of sustaining a good ‘credit’ history. To enable a healthy profit, we also need to remain vigilant and consider the ratio of risk to healthy investment. Financially… we do. Emotionally and psychologically we often don’t.

How many times do we support friends and give to others only to feel unappreciated and disappointed?

A satisfactory transaction is a two way process and we need to keep our expectations high. Who wants faulty and non – returnable goods? If we expect less, surely we will receive less.

The link to our psyche is surprising yet logical. Our psychological interpretation impacts on our emotional stance and how we perceive our external world. This affects the value we put onto ourselves.

Make every transaction worthwhile… or simply ask for a refund.


Written by Emma Honca

Illustrated by Louis Honca

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Find Comfort in Chaos

How often do we look at our life and judge our success on the the here and now? How often do we judge others, make assumptions based on our own perceptions of their narratives. Do we truly believe that happiness is dependant on order and neatness? Is that even a realistic concept??!

Do we notice the chipped paint and tarnished surfaces of today, or do we allow ourselves to enjoy the moments, the sweet memories, and the ghosts of yesteryear.

Often we sit and ponder on life and the journey we have chosen to take, or the paths which we have detoured from. Every broken plate has a story, every picture frame holds an abundance of emotions, and a personal canvas.

Can a tidy life really show a truly loved life? Don’t get me wrong, we all require a degree of order to ensure stability and security, but do we lose stimulation, impulsivity, FUN?!

Time is priceless, we cannot trade it, return it, nor can we ask for a refund. Once spent, it is gone, never to be seen again, and with it, a small part of ourselves disappears.


As we age, our personas continue to change, the roles within our lives constantly changing and evolving, until we don’t recognise ourselves anymore. Then one day we are sat in a cluttered room thinking ‘where did it all go?’

To others we are cluttered by mess, but to us, that mess encompasses every memory we have made and shows that instead of simply keeping our lives tidy, we rejoiced in the chaos and lived it for all it was worth.

Then we grab the dustpan and brush, clear up the mess and carry the hell on….

Written by Emma Honca

Illustrated by Louis Honca

Louis Honca