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I'm in awe of Creativity


Ever since I was a little boy, I have always been blown away with the creative process, despite not intellectually understanding it. I vividly remember being completely fascinated with merging two things to create a new something. 

The only childhood drawing I still have, merging imaginary characters in a family tree.

The only childhood drawing I still have, merging imaginary characters in a family tree.

My curious little mind saw the world as a giant playground with never ending opportunities for fun and discovery, and when the world got boring, I could always turn my eyes inward and explore the vast universe that existed inside my imagination. 

As I got older, I delved deeper into the implications of creativity, and how astonishingly beautiful it can be. The ability to think of an idea, and manifest it into reality, is something that is almost godlike. I say almost, because the difference is that we have to put the grind into building our creations, and sometimes it hurts, as a busy father of three, finding time to create can prove difficult, and there seems to always be more pressing issues to adhere to (I've still not painted the hallway). Perhaps, you could find associations of this concept with the miracle of childbirth, to create something new requires sacrifice and pain. However, the result of your toils, gives you, me and the greater universe a small gift, that inches humankind forward in our continual journey of evolution. As a father with a 5-day old baby girl, watching my wife go through so much pain, to create so much beauty, offered me bucketloads of inspiration. I don't mean to sound overly deep, but it allowed me to briefly peek into the metaphysical machines of creation, the phenomena which dictates everything with its unseen cogs and gears.

I have come to the realization that to create, is the defining attribute that separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom, and like the gods and ideologies that we worship, this power can wield beauty and prosperity, or horror and destruction. Nevertheless, we all hold this power in our hands, and it's our responsibility to make sure we aim it towards good, whatever good means, I understand it's a bit complicated.

I'm not a scientist, nor consider myself especially spiritual. I don't need to fully understand why I'm awe of creativity. Everything I love and despise was created by someone or something, all I can do is learn to respect the process of creation and enjoy the ride it creates, and along the way, create a few little things of my own.

Words and Illustration by Louis Honca

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